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Our Bitcoin Story

In 2014, we set out to create a platform that gave Kiwis the opportunity to save a manageable amount of Bitcoin on a weekly basis. Our aim was to simplify and break down all borders to give anyone the opportunity to future-proof and diversify their savings by learning about Bitcoin and saving it in a hassle-free way. 5 years on, what started out as a local meetup of 10 people has evolved into the number one cryptocurrency savings platform in New Zealand, UK and Europe now servicing over 8,000 regular savers in 30+ countries

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We are excited about what the future of Bitcoin holds for people all over the world.

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Accessible to all

We see a future where people from all over the world are holding Bitcoin and actively participate in the network on a daily basis.

Gateway to the new economy

As a non-custodial system, we see Vimba as a bridge between legacy banking systems and the new decentralised finance protocols.

Trusted by Everyone

It is essential that we are building a trustworthy brand and product. This underpins everything we do from software development to answering support.

Our Team

Photo of Sam Blackmore - CEO

Sam Blackmore

Founder and CEO

Photo of Steve Copley - CFO

Steve Copley


Photo of Wouter Peschier - CTO

Wouter Peschier


Photo of Philippa Blackmore - Accounting and Finance

Philippa Blackmore

Accounting and Finance

Photo of Ella Hutchings - Designer

Ella Hutchings


Photo of Vyvienne Kyle - Support

Vyvienne Kyle


We operate in 30 countries

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