About Vimba

We are on a mission to create services that allow people to save and spend crypto in the real world

Our Story

In 2014, we set out to create a simple savings platform giving Kiwis the opportunity to save Bitcoin on a weekly basis. 5 years on, and 6,674 users later, Vimba is the number one cryptocurrency savings platform in New Zealand and the UK and we are on a mission to bring Crypto to people in the real world.

Making Savings Simple

We are excited about what the future of cryptocurrency holds for people all over the world. We think Vimba has an important role to play.

Bitcoin Sprout

1. Accessible to all

We see a future where people from all over the world are holding cryptocurrency and actively participating in these networks on a daily basis.

2. Gateway to the new economy

As a non-custodial system, we see Vimba as a bridge between legacy banking systems and the new decentralised finance protocols.

3. Trusted by Everyone

It is essential that we are building a trustworthy brand and product. This underpins everything we do from software development to answering support.

Our Team

Photo of Sam Blackmore - CEO

Sam Blackmore

Photo of Frank Strajnar- Director

Fran Strajnar

Photo of Steve Copley - CFO

Steve Copley

Photo of Wouter Peschier - Developer

Wouter Peschier

Photo of Philippa - Business Admin

Vyvian Kyle

Photo of Ella Hutchings - Designer

Ella Hutchings

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