At Vimba, Friday is Bitcoin Day!

Sam Blackmore| Apr 28, 2020


If you are dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin using our Automatic Investing service, you will have noticed that your Bitcoin arrive in your wallet on Fridays. 


In this article, we will explain our rationale behind delivering BTC to you on Fridays. 


Why Do We Deliver BTC on Friday? 


In one word: transaction batching


Bitcoin transaction batching simply means combining several Bitcoin transactions into one single payment. 


We do this to keep our auto-investing fees low (we are the cheapest Bitcoin DCA service in the UK!) and to reduce the burden on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Moreover, most of our users set up their automatic payments alongside their paycheck, which comes in either weekly or monthly. 


Finally, we believe that when you are dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin, the actual day and price you transact at is not important. 



The idea behind dollar-cost averaging is to invest a fixed amount into an asset (or basket of assets) at regular intervals regardless of the prevailing market price to grow your investment over time without having to worry about market volatility. 


Instant Buy is (Near) Instant


While our auto-investors receive their coins on Fridays, users who instant buy on Vimba will receive their BTC almost instantly thanks to our high-speed banking API that enables us to deliver Bitcoin to you faster than ever before. 


Investors who use Instant Buy usually want to capitalise on market movements (i.e. buy the dip), which is why it is important for us to be able to process instant buys as quickly as possible. 


For long-term investors who are dollar-cost averaging, however, the exact time of purchase and delivery doesn’t play such a big role as the goal is to keep stacking sats over a long period of time. 


If you want to start dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin, sign up here and get your first transaction for FREE