How to enhance the security of your MyCryptoSaver account

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We have had a lot of requests from our users to be given the option to add 2-factor authentication to their MyCryptoSaver (MCS) account. This is a feature that we are looking to implement in the coming months and in the meantime there are other ways to further secure your account.

MCS currently has a solid standard security architecture. Any changes that you make to your account settings have to be confirmed by clicking a one time activation link that is sent to your email. Therefore you must ensure that you have a strong password on your registered email account.

So to enhance the security of your MCS account you can upgrade the security of your email.

If you are using gmail you can add an extra layer of security adding a 2-factor code (2FA) onto your gmail address. If you are not using gmail you can set-up a new gmail account and specifically use that with 2FA to control your MCS account. (It is very easy to change the email on your account, you just need to click on account settings.)

What is 2FA?

2-factor authentication is a security feature to improve the security of any account on top of using a password. It adds a second step to signing in to any account making it more difficult for unauthorized users to access.

How does it work?

With 2FA, any attempt to log into your account will require a special authorization code, usually provided by an app or SMS which is used to finish the login process.

How to set up 2FA on your gmail account

It is very easy, you just need to follow this link and press ‘get started.’ From there you will have the option to receive an authorisation message on your phone each time you access your gmail.

You can also add another phone number as backup in-case you lose your phone.

And it’s that easy, once implemented an authorisation will be needed from your phone to access your gmail account. This means any account changes to MyCryptoSaver will need your email and your phone authorisation.