My first time buying Bitcoin in New Zealand #2

Matt Gibson| Feb 21, 2018

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In this series we talk with people from all over New Zealand about their very first Bitcoin purchase. We ask them about their journey from first hearing about Bitcoin to having their very own.

Today we spoke with Theresa


Can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

I’ve been in the fashion business nearly 40 years, having worked for the likes of Chanel and YSL in London. Returning to New Zealand I observed the rise of fast fashion. It made me think about what was happening in the industry. The big question struck me ‘How can garments be produced and sold at such a cheap price. Who was suffering in the supply chain’

I co-founded a social enterprise called Seed to Self. Its purpose is to shift the paradigm of the fashion industry through education programmes to cultivate responsible practices in the fashion industry.

Where did you first hear about Bitcoin?

I remember it coming up on my Facebook feed and people generally talking more and more about it. That’s when I started to look into it and quite quickly felt like I was a bit in over my head!

What made you decide to buy some?

I wanted to create some passive income, running a charity is hard work and it can be difficult finding donations. I also wanted another way for people to be able to donate to our charity so wanted to familiarize myself with Bitcoin. I was aware that some international charities were accepting Bitcoin donations so was wanting the same for Seed to Self.

Why did you choose Vimba?

Among all of the cryptocurrency ads I began seeing on Facebook, I came across Vimba and quickly saw you were a Kiwi Business. To me you were also tangible, you weren’t just an internet company, I sent an email and got a quick response and also could see that you worked at a familiar space in Auckland that I sometimes visit.

Can you tell us a bit about your first Bitcoin purchase? What was it like being the proud owner of your first amount of Bitcoin?

I was happy that it worked and happy to be part of the future of money. I didn’t want to be part of only just a traditional banking system which I am not much of a fan of.

Also Taking part in a technology that shares the wealth and watching it grow is exciting.

What have you been doing with your Bitcoin?

Holding it and watching it grow. I have just been putting in $30 a week and I am not interested in taking it out at this stage. For me it is a 5 year plan.

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