Nuwan's Vimba Story

Matt Gibson| Oct 21, 2019


Hey, I'm Nuwan!


I’m currently self employed working as a courier contractor in New Zealand. I used to be quite tech savvy, but when I heard about Bitcoin back in 2010 I didn’t believe in it. After doing some deeper research the idea of owning some Bitcoin of my own started to make sense so I began looking into the safest way to buy Bitcoin in NZ. I came across the name “MyBitcoinSaver” frequently and did a search to find out that they had changed to Vimba. 



It took me all of 8 years for my Bitcoin buying desire to be realised and I chose Vimba because they were really transparent with all aspects of their business. 


As with most things you have skeptics when you try to give investment or financial advice, but I always tell people to take their time just as I did and you will find out the capabilities and a legit Bitcoin provider that suits you as I did with Vimba. 


Most people think you need a lot of money to start investing, but that isn’t the case at all. I get why they think that as most investments sites require a much larger minimum investment, but with Vimba you can start from as little as $20 and set up a direct transfer weekly, monthly or whatever suits you. 


I have other things that I invest in but I feel like Bitcoin is one for the future. I treat it as a long-term investment similar to a fixed deposit. Now some companies are paying salaries in Bitcoin, governments are waking up to the idea of it and you can even buy physical items and pay for services. What more could you want?




You can learn more about how to save Bitcoin with us via our Save page. It takes just 5-minutes to get started and your first month is free!



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