Our New $2000 Limit!!

Vyvienne Kyle| Mar 28, 2018


We've raised our limit!  What does that mean?

As a MyBitcoinSaver user you can now see on your account dashboard the maximum that you can deposit each week.

Rather than a weekly limit of $500, we have replaced this with a 4 week limit of $2000. This gives you more flexibility with your Bitcoin savings, you might choose a weekly deposit of $500 or a single deposit of $2000 every 4 weeks.


For example:



Let’s say one week you deposited $100, then the following week you deposited $500. For the third week your dashboard will show that you can still deposit up to $1400 as you have used $600 of your 4 week limit.


You can also make multiple deposits in one week that all go into one single delivery. Or you can raise your weekly/monthly deposits and top up your savings!


At MyBitcoinSaver we want you to have more flexibility and this is just the first of three big announcements we are making so stay tuned!


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