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Introducing: Connected Wallets Page

Sam Blackmore| Apr 30, 2019


April’s been another busy month here at Vimba. We’ve been knees deep designing, developing and laying down the roadmap for the future of Vimba and we have some exciting things in the works! For now, we’ll leave you with our latest and most exciting feature… Our Connected Wallets page:

Add multiple Bitcoin, Ethereum and XEM addresses.

Connected Wallets demonstration

You asked we’ve answered! You can now add multiple wallet addresses via your Connected Wallets page, and what’s better, is you can customise the name of each address so that you don’t lose track of which one goes where. Previously, users were only able to add one Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEM address which was updated via their account settings - this has now all been shifted into our brand spanking Connected Wallets page. We’ve also added the ability for you to make one address the ‘Default’ wallet address for each coin and this is where your savings payments will automatically be sent.

Adding multiple addresses - How does it work?

1. Head to the Connected Wallets page and hit the big blue Connect Wallet button

2. Choose which coin you’d like to add

3. Give your wallet a label and copy and paste or scan the QR code of the address

4. Select ‘Connect your wallet’ and find the four-digit verification pin that has been sent to your email address

Vimba Instant Buy and Sell - How to select which address to use:

Screenshot of Buy and Sell with dropdown

From the Vimba Instant Buy and Sell page you can now select which wallet you’d like your crypto to be sent to by simply selecting the wallet name from the dropdown. You can also pick which wallet you’d like to sell from.

This is just the beginning of an exciting lineup of features to be released with the aim of enhancing your savings experience. We love to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your experience of the Connected Wallets page so far.


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