We are giving away $100 worth of Bitcoin each week - The Monday Hundy!

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  • Over the last four years, we have had a lot of feedback from our users about how exciting it is to receive their Friday crypto delivery SMS.

    We have decided to make it even more exciting.

    We are creating a weekly competition called The Monday Hundy, where everyone that uses our crypto savings feature (depositing money on a Monday and receiving crypto that Friday) goes in the draw to win $100 worth of Bitcoin each week

    How does it work?

    Each dollar that you put in on a Monday is counted as one entry for the week. On the Friday we will put all the entries in a digital hat and randomly pull out a MBS number who will be that weeks winner. We will then send them $100 of Bitcoin.

    We will announce the winners each week on our social media and our monthly EDM.

    If you are already using our savings feature then you are already in the draw! Remember $1 equals one entry so to increase your entry count you simply need to raise your payment amount.

    Good Luck!