We have raised our weekly limit to $500!

Matt Gibson| Mar 20, 2018


When we first started MyBitcoinSaver in 2014, we built the platform initially for ourselves. It was us scratching our own itch, a platform to allow us to effortlessly buy Bitcoin with simple automatic bank payments instead of going through the laborious task of buying Bitcoin through an exchange.


A weekly limit of $200 was decided on as we were still in ‘Beta’ and didn’t want to be processing larger amounts so soon. After launching publicly in 2016 this limit still remained unchanged as we dealt with the explosive growth our platform received.


Now in 2018 we have increased our staff to 7 and have an amazingly talented team to build more features for MyBitcoinSaver while keeping our platform rocksolid, secure and user friendly.


With a large proportion of our user base depositing at the $200 limit as well as a steady stream of feedback from our users asking for a limit increase we knew that a priority for us in 2018 was to get this limit raised.


And that is exactly what we have done.


We are pleased to say that starting from today all our verified users can buy up to $500 worth of Bitcoin each week!


And this is just the beginning... One of three big updates we are releasing for MyBitcoinSaver. We have two more big announcements to make over the next few weeks so stay tuned!