We Have a New UK Banking API

And That's Good News for You!

Sam Blackmore| Mar 2, 2020


At Vimba, we want to provide you with the best product and user-experience possible. In line with that mission, we have implemented a new banking API in cooperation with our new UK banking partner. 


Yes, we know. A new banking API may not sound that exciting but it actually is!


The implementation of the new banking API enables us to provide our UK customers with near-instant transactions for our popular automatic investing service. 


That means as soon as your recurring bank payment reaches us, your deposit will be appear on your Vimba transaction page in less than an hour. 


To connect with our new banking API, you will need to switch your recurring bank payments to the following bank details: 


Sort Code: 04-05-41 

Account Number: 00000813 

+ Your MBS Reference 


Make the switch as soon as you can to benefit from near-instant deposits when auto-investing in bitcoin!


If you aren’t investing in bitcoin yet, sign up to Vimba today and get your first auto-investing transaction free of charge.