Why we have changed our name to Vimba

Matt Gibson| Oct 31, 2018


When we first launched MyCryptoSaver (then called MyBitcoinSaver) in 2014 we had very small aspirations, we were simply ‘scratching our own itch,’ building software that we could use, a platform that would take the hassle out of buying small amounts of Bitcoin each week.

And from 2014 to 2016, that’s exactly what we were, a simple service helping friends and family effortlessly get into the exciting world of Bitcoin. But in 2017 we began to notice something, more and more people began signing up to our service, we had up until then done no advertising or marketing of any kind, it was word of mouth that was bringing people to our site.

It made us realise that there were thousands of people just like us, wanting a simple way to buy Bitcoin or wanting an easy to use platform they could point someone to who was brand new to cryptocurrency. Being big Bitcoin believers ourselves, we saw this as an opportunity to help as many people as possible access the digital future of money.

In the year since, we have seen what was then our small Bitcoin savings service, become one of New Zealand’s leading crypto platforms. We have raised two funding rounds and built some amazing software helping New Zealanders buy, sell and save Bitcoin and Ethereum from their personalised dashboard.

This transformation from a saving service to a crypto platform has made us realise that the name ‘MyCryptoSaver’ is fast becoming redundant to who we are. Saving crypto is only one of many options for our users, and with a bunch of new features on the horizon, the name will become less and less relevant.

This put us on a journey to find a new name. We wanted a simple name that was easy to say, has significant meaning to the industry we were in and was global. The name we have settled on is Vimba.

Why Vimba?

Vimba has a whole bunch of meanings depending on the language you say it in. In the Shona language of southern Africa it means ‘trust’. In the Zulu language it means ‘block’ (as in blockchain). In English a Vimba (or Vimba Vimba) is a common yet special species of fish that makes an annual migration up river each year in which there is an annual festival in Lithuania celebrating it’s arrival.

The idea of Vimba, based on trust, on the blockchain and on celebration is what we’d like to represent to the world. Our new tagline is ‘Welcome to the new Economy’ and so we would like to welcome you all to Vimba.  

The Vimba team

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