WOW! We've Hit 10,000 Users!

Sam Blackmore| Apr 30, 2020


10,000 users! Woah!


I can’t believe it. 


Thank you!


When I started Vimba in 2014, I wanted to get Bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible. 


Now, six years later, Vimba has become one of the most trusted Bitcoin companies in New Zealand and we have expanded into the UK and Europe. 


More importantly, we have been able to deliver over 1135 BTC to regular people. 


Today, we offer “Instant Buy/Sell” to enable users to buy & sell Bitcoin instantly, “Automatic Investing” to enable users to dollar-cost average into Bitcoin, and a non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet that provides utmost fund security for your users. 


And, it’s amazing to hear that over 10,000 people want to use our services! 


Thank you for trusting Vimba to help you build your Bitcoin future. 


All the best,

Sam Blackmore CEO