You May Have Noticed Something Different…

Matt Gibson| May 8, 2018


You may have noticed something different… MyBitcoinSaver has now become MyCryptoSaver!


So, what does this mean?

As cryptocurrencies continue to rise in price and adoption we wanted to be able to offer our users the chance to save not just Bitcoin but other Cryptocurrencies with regular bank payments.

We are still big Bitcoin believers but we think diversification within Crypto is a sensible idea. We also listened to the feedback we received from our users who have indicated that they want other cryptocurrencies to save.


Which coins will we add to MyCryptoSaver?

We will add coins one at a time, as they will need to go through a few checks and balances first.

They will need to be:


  • Coins that are established with a high market cap and liquidity,

  • Coins that have a high use-case

  • Coins that can be stored on a Trezor device.

  • Coins that have a clean history from their inception till today


So without further adieu...

The first cryptocurrency we have added is Ethereum which you can start saving this week!


Why Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second biggest Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It has been around since 2015 and is what is used to power pretty much all the ICO’s you see today. However, it is not just built for ICO’s, with Ethereum you can build smart contracts for pretty much any industry, whether it’s property ownership or logistics. The Ethereum network is powered by the ‘Ether’ token, which is what you will be able to save with MyCryptoSaver.


How will it work?

You can add an Ethereum address by clicking on your account settings page and adding an ETH address.



Once you have added an Ethereum address and confirmed it via email, you will see a slider appear on your account page.



Using this slider you can choose the ratio of how much Bitcoin and Ethereum you want to save with your payment that week.


Here is a video showing you how it’s done.


How do you get an Ethereum address?

The wallet has an ethereum wallet as well as a Bitcoin wallet. To get an Ethereum address you just need to click on the ‘Ether’ text on the homepage and press on the ‘Get Ether’ button.


Here is a video showing you how it’s done.


When will we add other coins?

We will look to add another coin in the next few months so stay tuned!


Any questions please contact our support team!