What is Ethereum?

Much like Bitcoin, Etheruem is an open-source and public platform that no one single person controls. The software platform is based on blockchain technology and enables people to build decentralized applications. The token that powers these applications and the Ethereum network is called 'Ether'.

How does it work?

With Ethereum technology, smart contracts can be written that can enable anyone to trade or exchange things of value, transparently without the need of a third party to oversee the deal.

How to buy Ethereum with Vimba


Setup an Ethereum wallet

The first step to buy Ethereum in New Zealand is to set up a Ethereum wallet. This provides a safe and secure place for your Ether to be stored in that only you can cotntrol. We recommend using the Blockchain.com wallet.

Watch our Ethereum wallet setup video on step 3


Add your Ethereum wallet to your Vimba account

The next step to buy Ethereum is to add an Ethereum wallet to your dashboard. This can be done by clicking on 'Account Settings' and scrolling down to delivery addresses where you will see an option to add an Ethereum address.

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Buy or save Ethereum

You are now ready to buy Ethereum instantly or set up a automatic weekly payment to dollar cost average your way into Ethereum. You will also see a slider appear on your dashboard where you can choose what percentage of your savings payment goes into Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Learn more about Dollar Cost Averaging

Buy or Save Ethereum with Vimba

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