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Easy investing

Life is complex enough, investing in your future shouldn’t be.

Automate your investing

Vimba makes it easy for anyone to start growing their own Bitcoin investment. All you need to do is set up a recurring payment and we take care of the rest.

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“Legend guys, so glad I found you. Makes the process much quicker and cheaper. Thanks!”

Jordan Clist, 32

Historical Investment Returns

Historical Bitcoin Investing Calculator*

*Based on historical transactions with bitcoin, we do not guarantee this gain in the future.

Instantly Buy or Sell

You can instantly buy or sell. Bitcoin will be in your wallet or the cash will be in your bank account within 15 minutes. You're in control.

How it Works

Connects to any wallet

Connect your preferred wallet to Vimba and use all our services directly from your own wallet.

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You will reach your goal by July 2020

Invest towards a goal

Start using our Goal Tracker to monitor how your investments are going against your life or future goals.

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Bucket Investing

Automatically split your investment to different wallets. Great for setting up a Bitcoin investment for the kids.

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We have many more new features coming soon.

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Round Up

Connect your bank account and start rounding up your spare change into Bitcoin straight away.

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Payment Request

Have your friends pay you back in Bitcoin

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Timelocked vault

Lock your account down to stop you from spending

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Stable coins

Sending, Receiving and Exchanging stable coins.

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