Vimba Wallet

We’ve got you covered. Our very own Vimba wallet was recently launched. All you need to provide to create a Vimba Wallet is a strong password, which you will use to access and manage your wallet.

You'll be able to:

Transfer your Bitcoin to another wallet

Receive Bitcoin to your Vimba wallet

Buy and auto invest Bitcoin

Easily sell Bitcoin

2 Factor Authentication

2-Factor Security

To authorize these transactions all you’ll need to do is enter your password and your 2-factor authentication code.

Simple Recovery

Forgot your password? No problem, we got you covered again. The encrypted recovery kit which you receive upon wallet creation can be used to reset the password, so make sure to keep it somewhere safe.

Recovery Kit
Keep your recovery kit safe

Keeping your recovery kit safe

No one can steal your Bitcoins if they find your recovery Kit. You can leave it with your mum, partner, or your cat. We recommend saving a copy in Dropbox, any cloud storage, or simply printing out a copy and storing it somewhere safe. Making multiple copies is a smart idea! It means you’ll always have a copy somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

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