Instantly Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum

Vimba makes it easy to instantly buy crypto straight from your dashboard

What is Instant Buy?

Our Instant Buy feature allows you to purchase any amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum instantly. Whether you’re wanting to top up your savings with us for the week, or you’re looking to make a quick purchase while the price is right, our Instant Buy feature makes the process super easy for our users.

How does it work?

Once you have 2 savings transactions with us or you have gone through enhanced verification, the Instant Buy feature will be unlocked. Simply choose whether you’d like to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, enter the amount you’d like to purhcase and you’ll be taken through our secure payment system. The crypto will land in your account instantly - it’s as easy as that!

How to instantly buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with Vimba in New Zealand


Unlock Instant Buy

In order to unlock the Instant Buy feature on your dashboard you must complete two savings transactions or go through our enhanced verification by sending a selfie of yourself holding your ID and a piece of paper with the words ‘Vimba’ written on it.

How to start saving


Enter the value of the Bitcoin or Ethereum you would like to purchase

Once you’ve unlocked the Instant Buy feature, you simply need to click on the Buy/Sell tab on your dashboard and choose whether you’d like to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum and enter in the amount you’d like to purchase.

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Enter your payment details

The next step is to Instantly buy Bitcoin and Ethereum is to enter your payment details through our secure payment system. Once we’ve processed your payment the crypto will arrive in your wallet within twenty minutes.

Instantly Buy Cryptocurrency

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Instantly Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with Vimba

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