Save Cryptocurrency in New Zealand & the UK

Vimba makes it easy to Save Bitcoin and Ethereum with weekly reccurring payments

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is an investment technique where you buy a fixed dollar amount of an asset at regular intervals. It is particularly effective when dealing with more volatile assets such as Bitcoin.

How does saving cryptocurrency work?

All you need to do is set up recurring payments from your bank account, and we’ll transfer your choice of Bitcoin or Ethereum to your wallet address. No lock-ins, set, forget and save!

How to save cryptocurrency with Vimba


Set up a Bitcoin Wallet

The first step to buy Bitcoin is to set up a Bitcoin wallet. This provides a safe and secure place for your Bitcoins to be stored in that only you can cotntrol. We recommend using the wallet.

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Sign up to Vimba

The next step to buy Bitcoin is to complete the 2 minute sign up process with Vimba. You will need to provide a driving licence or a passport for the on boarding procedure.

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Start Saving.

You are now ready to start saving Bitcoin and Ethereum and dollar cost average your way into the cryptocurrency market.

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Our Delivery Timeline

We’ve outlined our standard payment and delivery days below. Remember you can change or cancel your payment at any time. Just update your automatic payment with your bank.

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Your automatic
payment arrives

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Your money clears
with our bank

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Your money is sent
to the exchange

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Your Bitcoin or Ethereum is bought and sent to you

Watch our video tutorials on how to start saving below:

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Regularly save Bitcoin or Ethereum with Vimba

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